PIEDMONT, Mo. – One small southeast Missouri town could potentially hold the title of the “UFO Capital of Missouri” as soon as this summer.

State Rep. Chris Dinkins (R-District 144) introduced HB 1261 in an effort to recognize Piedmont, Missouri in Wayne County.

Piedmont is home to around 2,000 people and sits nearly an hour and a half west of Cape Girardeau. According to the bill’s language, Dinkins claims that “hundreds of UFO sightings occurred in Piedmont, Missouri, between February and April 1973.”

In 1973, now half a century ago, UFO sightings gained attention not just in Missouri, but nationwide. The Missouri Historical Society recently reviewed some accounts of mysterious lights in the skies that support the phenomenon around Clearwater Lake and the Missouri Lead Belt.

A documentary titled “UFOs 1973: Aliens, Abductions and Extraordinary Sightings” uncovers some patterns, plus the case of an alleged abduction tied to Mississippi men Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker Jr.

It’s unclear how much bipartisan support the bill might have, but it recently made way through two House reading and a public hearing. The bill currently is scheduled to be reviewed by a special committee on Tuesday.

With full approval, the bill could allow Piedmont, Missouri to earn its proposed UFO title by August 28, 2023.