LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross is asking households to do at least one more thing after setting the clock for Sunday’s move to daylight saving time.

After setting your clock an hour back, the next thing to do is test the household smoke alarm and replace its batteries.

The organization also lists three additional steps to ensure your home is fire ready.

  1. Install smoke alarms at every level of the home, including inside and outside bedrooms and sleeping areas.
  2. Replace smoke alarms older than 10 years. Components such as sensors can become less sensitive over time.
  3. Practice your home’s two-minute escape plan. Everyone in your home should be able to escape in under two minutes. The Red Cross states that two minutes is the amount of time to escape before it is too late.

The Red Cross states that home fires are the nation’s most frequent disaster. Seven people die every day from a home fire and more than 30 people are injured in home fires every day, the agency said.