SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Over the weekend, a Springfield local restaurant chain posted about a theft at one of their locations.

According to a post by Mexican Villa Saturday, a thief stole tips intended for out-of-work servers at their south location. The post says the incident happened Friday afternoon and included pictures of the man.

They asked for help in finding and identifying the man, but something happened just a day later.

According to another Facebook post from the restaurant, the thief went back to the location Saturday night, bringing $70 and a note with him.

The note reads,

“To the employees who worked yesterday I truly apologize for what happened it was a stupid mistake made while under the influence of drugs which is not a excuse just the truth there was 40 something (dollars) in there when it was taken I tried to double it but could only get 70 (dollars) I’m sorry I’m not a bad person just a man with an addiction I AM sorry!!!”

“Please read it. We think it will touch your hearts like it did ours. Understand, we don’t excuse what he did, but we respect he wanted to make things right. Sadly, this is something we all know about our community – there’s a serious problem with drugs and addiction, and decent people get tangled in that web,” the restaurant said.

They then reached out to the man, saying they respect that he did the right thing.

“We think there’s a good person inside, and we’d like to help you get him back. Please contact us thru Facebook messenger, and we’ll connect you to folks who can help. Do it for yourself, your kids, and because you don’t want this kind of life anymore,” the post said.

“Thousands of folks helped us look for you, and we know they’ll also support you with their good thoughts and prayers. That’s powerful. Today, Easter Sunday is the perfect time to do it. Contact us, please.”