The Warning Signs to Look for Before Physical Violence

HUNTSVILLE, Al. -- Stories like this can make us feel helpless and scared.

Our sister station in Huntsville, Alabama spoke with law enforcement about signs someone might become violent.

The FBI reports that potential killers show five concerning behaviors. 

They are: 

  • Mental health struggles.
  • Uncharacteristic interactions with others.
  • Talking with someone about hurting someone else.
  • Change in work or school performance.
  • Increased anger or aggression.
  • Averse risk-taking.

The Decatur, Alabama police chief tells our sister station lives can be saved if people will just speak up.

"That person is gonna talk with somebody," Nate Allen said. "Somebody's gonna know him or her. Or just the fact that that person has alienated themselves from everyone else could be a sign."

The FBI also says many shooters  may have recently grappled with several problems like drugs or alcohol, finances, work or marriage.

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