BRINKLEY, Ark.–An Arkansas school is tearing down its entire high school after finding termites in the building.

The Brinkley School District has been using Terminix as it’s termite control provider since 1976.

But the superintendent says the company *failed* to find and report termites that have forced students and teachers out of the building. 

The school district is now suing Terminix for the high school’s structural problems after documents show the company inspections each year did *not* find any termites.

“A person actually put their foot through the floor…we want our day in court,” said Superintendent Dr. Debbie Goodwin. “We want Terminix to answer for what we feel like they have taken advantage of this school district”

All 18 classrooms in the high school were cleared out over Christmas break and classes are being held in a different building until a new school is built.

Four other buildings also had damage, eleven citations have been issued against Terminix.

The district plans to demolish and rebuild 22 out of the 24 of its buildings.