CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. — The Christian County Clerk’s Office opens at 8 a.m. and after meeting with Christian County Clerk Kay Brown about early voting numbers, she said that they had around 100 registered voters come in and cast a ballot in just three hours yesterday, Nov. 1.

Kay Brown credits the early success of early voting to the no-excuse absentee voting.

“Judging by our absentees, that’s always a good indication of what we’re gonna get at the polls and so far we’ve done really well. so I’m anticipating a great election day,” Brown said.

Brown says she expects a 75% voter turnout for the midterm elections in her county.

As of Nov. 1, Christian County has received around 1,700 ballots, including mail-in votes, absentee votes and in-person voting, but Brown says that number will increase significantly over the course of the next few days.

Brown says that bad weather could put a damper on Nov. 8 but as of right now, the weather seems to be fairly pleasant on election day.

Brown says that due to the popular issues from state and local levels, early voters are being brought out to the polls more this year.

“There are certain things that draw my voters out and one of them is taxes, tobacco, and marijuana,” Brown said. “All of those things bring my voters out to vote.”