Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep because clocks rolled back for Daylight Saving last night.

While you are changing your clocks, go ahead and change the batteries in your smoke alarms too to save yourself any future headaches. Sunset last night occurred at 6:12 pm. Tonight it will be at 5:11 pm.

But what a great, warm weekend we’ve been experiencing here in the Ozarks with temperatures just shy of the 70-degree threshold for yesterday. Some light scattered showers pushed in during the overnight hour but rainfall totals hovered around 0.1-0.25″ for places that managed to see precipitation.

Today we will stay dry and slightly warmer than yesterday with most places in the 70s.

This is kicking off a warming trend that will see temperatures ramp up to the upper 70s with the potential to hit 80! If we manage to do so, we will take down some long-standing high-temperature records. The best shot at achieving this feat will be on Tuesday.