Summer Means Hard Work at Sno-Ballz Shaved Ice Stand

OZARK, Mo-  With summer around the corner, sweet treat stands are opening their doors and providing a way to cool down.

For one stand in Ozark, they got their inspiration from that love of the sweet treat. 

"We always went to Pineapple Whip and Sno Biz in Springfield and we wanted something tailored to what we like," says Zeda Anderson, one of the original owners of Sno-Ballz.  

Zeda Anderson and Morgan Hoover were inspired to open a stand of their own.

"We wanted summer jobs and things to do, to make money for cars, college and stuff," says Zeda. 

"I was more behind the scenes they asked me to join along," says Morgan Hoover, the other original owner of Sno-Ballz.

So when they were around 15 years old they opened Sno-Ballz... A Hawaiian shaved ice stand.

"It was a good starting point... big thing was how to deal with people, with customers which is something we still can use in our everyday life," says Morgan. 

Zeda and Morgan had help from Zeda's younger brother Jack and his friend Riley.

"We were 13, we were young, we grew into the shoes. it hit us like a truck," says Riley, who is currently working at Sno-Ballz. 

All four say running Sno-Ballz has helped them gain skills for the long run. 

"The experience like really helps us get better jobs," says Zeda.

"I would say it can be intimidating we've learned so much from so rewarding there's just so much we've gotten out of it," says Morgan. 

Zeda and Morgan have graduated and moved on from the stand... But all agree they carry the lessons it "served up" still today.

"It taught me what work ethic is, you're gonna have to sacrifice your time,  going to hang with friends you're running this biz," says Jack.

"Money management, time management is huge, learning people skills at 13 is the best thing that could've ever happened to me," says Riley.  

The some of the money made at Sno-Ballz is returned back to the community and to the school system. 

Sno-Ballz opened for the 2018 season Saturday, April 14th. 

Click here to find out more about Sno-Ballz. 

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