MISSOURI – In the symphony of language, new research suggests the Show Me State is home to quite some colorful vernacular.

A new study from BonusFinder.com finds Missouri to be among the Top 5 states with residents most likely to use uncensored and foul-mouthed words.

A research team recently compiled data based on the top “hot” posts for subreddits in all 50 states. Missouri was recognized for having the fifth-worst potty mouth. The rankings were based on a metric tabbed as “curse words per post,” essentially dividing the total number of curse words counted by the number of top “hot” posts reviewed.

Research revealed Texas to be the state with the worst potty mouth, averaging nearly seven curse words per “hot” subreddit post. Missouri wasn’t too far behind, averaging around six curse words per the matter.

According to Digg.com, which crunched the results from BonusFinder, this is how Missouri stacked up compared to the other Top 5 states:

StateNumber of “hot” postsNumber of curse wordsCurse words per post
1. Texas6914,7436.9
2. Ohio8335,6016.7
3. Florida7264,7236.5
4. Tennessee5783,5786.2
5. Missouri8805,3816.1

Previous research from Business Insider suggests that the average American curses around 80-90 times a day or about five curse words per every hour they are awake.