FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Guns are now allowed on campuses across the Natural State

This new campus carry law allows guns within public areas, including universities and colleges across Arkansas.

Some students took a stand with a Citizens Against Guns on Campus protest to bring awareness to a potentially dangerous situation.

However, others don’t see the law in the same light.

“It’s already very high stress,” Zachary Renfor, a junior University of Arkansas student, said. “This will make it just a very unsafe to have handguns. Plus if there was an active shooter, then it makes the police’s job more difficult to identify what is going on when there are a hundred guns in the room. “

“As long as there are no problems with it, then it doesn’t bug me,” Cal Owens, a freshman University of Arkansas student, said. “If they are only using it for self defense then it doesn’t affect me because I’m not going to attack them.”

Holders must be at least 21-years- old and complete an additional eight-hour training course.

That course will be created by the Arkansas State Police which has until Jan. 1 to implement.