BUFFALO, Mo. — Hundreds of Dallas County students were not in class today.

However, it wasn’t because of a walk-out or a senior skip day, but for a good reason.

They were providing community service throughout the town of Buffalo.

“Over the course of the day, we have about 440 kids spread out all over Buffalo,” Melanie Ryan with the Dallas County Technical Center said.

She says the list of activities was lengthy.

“We have kids volunteering at our own tech center at our elementary and middle schools, as well as our own transportation department. They are washing and detailing busses and staff cars, but we also have them at a local resale shop decorating the windows for Christmas and putting up Christmas trees [just to name some],” Ryan said.

“A town our size can’t just throw money at this. We don’t have staff people to do it, nor the money to provide it,” Buffalo Alderman Scott Decker said. “With volunteers, I think, today from the local high school here in Buffalo, with the donations for the paint, the supplies, it’s a win-win.”

One of the reasons behind the service is a repayment of sorts for voter support in 2020 that led to the improvement of the Dallas County Technical Center.

“Our community gave us $12 million to build us a great facility, student Kaden Abmeyer said. “So just with everybody giving up their tax dollars for us, I think it’s pretty important for us to come out and give back to them.”

More community service took place at the Dallas County Park.

“At the city park, kids have painted picnic tables at the top of the tables, in the frames of the tables. They’ve painted doors at the concession stand,” Ryan said.

The work also included newly painted dugouts at community softball fields.

Abmeyer says the work is worth the support from the community after the bond passed.

“It makes you feel really great. The people that give back to you, it’s it all circles back to giving back to the community that affords things for you, especially with other programs,” Abmeyer said. “Our community does a lot for us. Football team, FFA, AG, just anything. They give us a lot of money and a lot of time.”