SPRINGFIELD, Mo – In October 2019, a group of homeless residents around the area gathered at the Connecting Grounds Church to sing and called themselves the Springfield Street Choir.

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Four months later and the popularity of the choir is crescendoing. The group has performed at many local events.

But 2020 is lifting the curtain to even bigger performances. On January 16th, they will be at the Springfield Art Museum.

On the 18th, the choir will perform on The Mystery Hour with Jeff Houghton.

The group will also be hosting a fundraiser at the new Pizza Ranch in the Battlefield Mall next week.

Founding Director Katie Kring says the past four months have been fantastic.

“You know the thing where you fall on a snowy hill, and then you roll down and then at some point you just have a giant snowball with head and legs standing up? That’s kind of where we’re at right now,” says Kring.

Before this week, the choir has performed at many spots around Springfield. Katie says the community is loving the group.

“We’ve had some great opportunities to perform in places where our people walk in and get a standing ovation. Where we’ve just had such great reception to what we’re doing and people are so excited to see our friends when we sing,” says Kring.

Veteran Singer Kevin Holcomb is excited about all the opportunities to sing in public. He has been with the choir since day one.

Kevin Holcomb singing in the choir

“I’ve been performing since I was a kid so, it’s in my blood,” says Holcomb. He also added that he was a young musician out in Nashville, but to survive out there, he says, you have to have a lot of money.

Holcomb is currently having marital issues and is not living at home because of it. He says he and his wife are seeing a marriage counselor.

Kring says the directors of the choir love to make it a place that creates joy for the singers.

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