Storms Cause Damage in Van Buren County

FAIRFIELD BAY, Ark.-  Tuesday's storms wreaked havoc on Van Buren county.  Fairfield Bay was the town in the rural county hit the hardest.  Officials say a tornado never actually developed, but plenty of damage was done from straight line winds.

Mayor Paul Wellenberger says more than 600 trees were down in Fairfield Bay, over 1500 in the county.  Wellenberger also says over fifty homes were damaged but no injuries were reported.

Stephen Sutay, a long time Fairfield Bay resident, says the whole storm lasted only about two minutes above his house.

It damaged his wood shed and a tree grazed the side of his house, not to mention the many other trees down on his property.

Sutay says this is the first time a storm hit the way it did.

"This one kind of surprised us.  We didn't realize the strength of the wind and what Mother Nature can do in such a short time."

The National Weather Service still has not determined how strong the winds were that hit that part of the state.


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