SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – “Sharing Stories of the Crossroads” is a new radio program created by The History Museum on the Square on 92.3 FM.

This week, host John Sellars spoke with Lynn Thompson with Thompson Sales Company. They have been the Cadillac dealer in Springfield for 94 years. After WWI, Thompson’s grandfather began selling used tires and old farm wagons in 1919. After a few years, Thompson would sell used cars and then Cadillac and Pontiacs.

“And now his sons run the business along with his grandsons and great nephew,” said Sellars. “So he’s got five generations of the same family … I think he said nine family members on the payroll right now.”

Thompson spoke about conflicts that he had with his father about the business and how he would eventually take over for him.

Thompson also spoke about how he received the last meal created in the Heer building when he was a part of the downtown Springfield Association.

Due to scheduling issues, Sharing Stories of the Crossroads will not have another episode until August 16. Sellars plans to speak with the runners of the Route 66 festival which will take place from August 11 to August 13.