STONE COUNTY, Mo. — Residents in one Stone County neighborhood say they plan to appeal a ruling that will allow a 255 ft. cell phone tower from provider Branson Golf Lake Properties LLC, to be built near their homes.  

On Tuesday night, the Board of Adjustments unanimously voted yes to putting the tower in the upscale resort Branson West community, which mainly consists of retirees. 

The residents opposed to the tower say it’s an eye-sore. Many testified that they paid a high premium for their home deck view — and the tower will not only obstruct that view, but will ultimately reduce their property value. In addition, most of the residents opposed say they’re also concerned about the health consequences that could arise from the radiation.

Michael Dodds lives in Stonebridge, near the proposed site for the tower.

“Basically, right there where the break is where it starts to go toward the right…that tower will be basically in that area.. and as you can see is much lower elevation and at 250 plus feet it’s gonna be right here,” said Dodds.

Although, residents of Stonebridge Village opposed to the project, shared documents about similar situations in other states, where the towers were denied — and attorney for Branson Golf Lake Properties cited statutes passed in 2016, stating that it’s illegal to dictate the type of wireless facility, infrastructure or technology to be placed in a particular location.

Dodds and other Stonebridge residents who testified against the tower being built, say they plan to appeal the case.