SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Temperatures are ramping up in the Ozarks, but summer is coming to a close for many in Springfield as school starts this week.  

The hot temperatures did not stop people from going for a swim at Lindenlure.  

“I mean I personally love the outdoors. I like to sit under the waterfall. It like pushes us down,” said Brendan McNamara a Lindenlure visitor. “But every time we go down there, it’s a lot calmer and just kind of sit in the water and eat and just enjoy the outdoors.“ 

With school starting for districts all across the Ozarks this week, a day in the sun was a perfect opportunity to soak up the last days of summer.

“Just having some fun trying to blow some steam,” said Richard Mitchell who was swimming at Lidenlure. “You know just enjoy the weather before school starts.”  

“Yeah. Everyone’s getting ready to go back to school,” said Christian Kepple, a Lindenlure swimmer. “Wanting to have their last hurrah out here. Have fun.” 

“I just come out here as much as possible and enjoy nature before you’re stuck in school,” McNamara said. 

In 2020, a gate was installed to keep the public from swimming at Lindenlure. But the judge ruled the access road was public property and it continues to be a popular spot to swim and enjoy nature. 

“We’re happy to come out here, especially in this spot,” said Mitchell. “I know that for a while it was closed and now it’s not it feels great to be able to come out here, just enjoy life, live in nature. Not look at a screen.”  

“Living in the city. It’s probably like the most outdoors you can get this close to Springfield,” said McNamara. “So I like coming down here, and just enjoy nature.”