SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield Public Schools Board recognized two board members during last night’s school meeting.

Danielle Kincaid and Scott Crise are the new president and vice president of the SPS school board, narrowly receiving the majority of the votes for the respected positions. 

Judy Brunner and Dr. Shurita Thomas-Tate were also sworn in at last night’s meeting to start their new terms by Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller.

Dr. Thomas-Tate was first elected to the board in 2020. After winning one of the two open positions on the SPS school board during last week’s local election, she will resume her role on the board.

Judy Brunner is a new member of the SPS school board. She won her seat last week during the local election and received well over 15,000 votes.

Kincaid takes over the position from Denise Fredrick, who has served on the SPS board since 2011.

Fredrick served as the SPS president and vice president for several terms.

Kincaid was elected to the board in 2021 and will now take over the reins as president.

As for the former vice president, Dr. Maryam Mohammadkhani was removed from her position on February 28.

During last night’s board meeting, after Kincaid was elected as the new president, she held the vote to elect a new vice president. After another close vote, Scott Crise will assume the role of vice president.

Crise has been on the SPS board since 2021.