SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Ozarks is receiving some money from the state for major transportation and infrastructure projects.

There were 28 local transportation projects selected under Governor Parson’s transportation cost-sharing program.

The program is funded with $75 million from general revenue.

Amanda Ohlensehlen, the Director of Economic Vitality with the City of Springfield, said this is a win-win situation.

“This project will have significant improvements to the transportation infrastructure,” Ohlensehlen said. “This expansion will also allow us to have large industrial sites and support the activities that currently occur in Springfield underground.” 

According to Ohlensehlen, there are over 3 million square feet of space for manufacturing, logistics and storage underground.

These transportation improvements will open up new areas for the development of industrial sites above the ground, as well as the surrounding region that has had a lot of investment in the past.

In addition to this, the city is also receiving money from the economic department administration to improve Lecompte Road.

The Eastgate Avenue Expansion project will build on that. Ohlensehlen says the city hopes to begin construction on both of these projects in 2024.

These projects will also create numerous job opportunities as well. 

“So, the EDA investment that the city was awarded will generate more than 94 jobs and approximately 28 million dollars in private investment,” said Ohlensehlen. “The new award from the governor’s cost-sharing program is estimated to increase at least 75 jobs, retain at 500 jobs and result in $12 million in private investment.“