SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – For three days this week, the chairs at Coyote’s Adobe Café will be empty. 

Drinks won’t be poured, and food won’t be served. 

That’s because owner David Bauer is taking his team to the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City. 

“You know, our staff work very hard. You know, they work the entire season,” Bauer said. “It’s my way of paying back to them what they do for us.” 

This isn’t the first time the staff at Coyote’s has taken a field trip. 

In 2020, Bauer took his crew to the parade in KC after Super Bowl LIV. 

“As we approached over the top of the hill and memorial and you just look down and right in front of Union Station, the crowd was just it was huge,” Bauer said. “It was amazing. There were so many people, I was taken aback by it.” 

Some workers, like General Manager Jared Stevenson, will see that crowd for the first time. 

“I’m pumped. I could barely sleep last night. I’ll barely sleep tonight,” Stevenson said. 

Stevenson says he spent today prepping for the trip. 

“I’m back there making wraps for everybody, filling the fill in the coolers, full beers, grabbing booze from downtown. We’re ready to go. We’re excited,” Stevenson added. 

The GM says he just missed that Super Bowl LIV parade, after being hired shortly after that Chiefs victory. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing that big crowd. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I’ve never been around that many people.” Stevenson said.  

Bauer says the trip is the least he can do for those who put in the hours at Coyote’s. 

“I’ve worked for people before that they just you were just a number to them or you just you just went to work and you did your deal,” Bauer said. “We’re still operating corporately, but we’re a family here.” 

He says this year for his restaurant was somewhat similar to what some consider the season was for KC: a rebuilding year. 

“We basically had a rookie season with our staff this year too, and their first time to deal with the Super Bowl wings and the thousands of wings we serve and the crowd that we get, and that’s same thing with the Chiefs,” Bauer said. 

Coyote’s Adobe Cafe will re-open Thursday.