SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred at Central and Main just before 6 a.m. on Monday morning.

Police say one male was shot and was transported to Cox South where his conditions are currently unknown.

Neighbors said gunfire is not uncommon for the area, and across town in general.

“You hear a lot of, fire trucks, anything going on around here,” Danielle Cover said. She lives across the street from where the shooting happened.

Back in April 2021, police responded to a homicide at an apartment on North Main Avenue, steps away from Monday’s shooting.

“I thought it was [the 2021 shooting] all over again,” Cover said. “Our trauma kicked in, you know, and just kind of remembered what happened back here. We’re like, Oh, is this another one of those?”

Cover and others are relieved to know the victim does not have life-threatening injuries.

Police currently do not have anyone in custody and are looking for information regarding a suspect.

“I mean everything’s calmed down so I know it’s, and I feel pretty safe, you know, here,” Cover said. “The police are right down there, so I don’t feel, you know, in any kind of danger or anything.”

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.