SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- The Springfield Police Department released its crime statistics for 2022. Though most reported crimes saw a decrease in theft, robberies still are problems in areas all over the city. 

According to the crime map that the Springfield Police Department shares on its website. 

There have been 93 thefts, 43 motor vehicle thefts, and 26 residential burglaries reported since the start of the new year.  

These crimes are not just in one area, but across the city, according to the map shared by the police department. 

We reached out to SPD (Springfield Police Department) for an interview on why these crimes are more prevalent, but they could not comment today. 

Some neighbors speculate drugs play a part in these crimes.  

“I believe that’s one of the main reasons that people stick their neck out stealing stuff, said Richard Raygor, a north Springfield resident. “You’ve got to be really desperate to be doing that. And drugs will make you that desperate.” 

There have been 59 drug and narcotics violations across the city. 

Raygor Says that in the neighborhood he lives in, his daughter’s car has been broken into three times. 

He said that people must be more cautious and make sure they are locking their doors and keeping their valuables safe.