SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams delivered an update on crime on November 20 in front of the city council.

This comes after last week’s abundance of crime, with multiple shootings.

At city council, Chief Williams said while this past week was extremely active, gun violence as a whole is going down.

“There is a silver lining there that the numbers were decreasing throughout the year compared to last year, and that’s a good thing,” Williams said. “Now we had a flurry and an unfortunate series of events that are going to impact that.”

Last week, there were three deadly shootings, a stabbing, a deadly pedestrian crash and an attempted kidnapping. At least one of the crimes involved two juveniles.

“Unfortunately we’ve had a very tragic series of events here in the last week or two,” Williams said.

The two juveniles charged with the murder of Chaviz Nguyen made their first court appearance Monday, where they were ordered by a judge to stay in custody.

“The judge determined that community safety would be served by keeping them in detention,” said Bill Prince with the Greene County Juvenile Detention Center.

Despite the recent crime, Williams says it is still safe to drive around Springfield.

“It was not random,” Williams said. “Other than that, I’m not going to comment any further.”

Prince says kids today have easier access to guns.

“You shoot somebody, they unfortunately don’t get up again,” Prince said. “So I think the first thing is to look at how do we figure out how to keep these weapons out of these young developing people.”

In the past month, three juveniles have been charged with murder.

“Young people and guns are just a bad, bad combination,” Prince said.

“I’ll emphasize again, we don’t have the collateral damage in the random violence that some other cities do,” Williams said.