SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Sharing Stories of the Crossroads is a history-themed radio show on 92.3 FM created by the History Museum on the Square.

Host John Sellars spoke with local golf pro Rick Grayson about his book on golf legend Horton Smith, best known as the winner of the first and third Masters tournaments in 1934 and 1936 respectively.

“Rick actually compared him to Tiger Woods as far as being at a very young age — a phenomenal golfer,” said Sellars. Grayson’s book, ‘A Masters Legacy: Horton Smith,’ tells readers how the two-time Masters Tournament champion and PGA President navigated the racial divisions that reached all the way onto the greens.

Sellars and Grayson spoke about Smith’s childhood and his impact on Springfield’s golf scene.

Click on the video above to hear more about Sellar’s interview.