SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Nearby residents of a proposed drive-thru coffee shop say they are disappointed.

“I’m tired of fighting. Everybody is going to do what they’re going to do. We just have to live with it.” Sharon Anhalt said.

On Monday, Springfield City Council approved a conditional use permit, the last thing needed to break ground on a new 7 Brew.

“I’m not very happy with the decision because the city council again went against the people. We voted against them, not changing zones.” Anhalt said. “What’s next? We thought we resolved it then. I thought this situation was over with.”

The Seminole/Holland Neighborhood Association said in a statement, “We believe the planned use of the property does not satisfy the basic requirements of a limited business zoning designation to all development that provides goods and services to the neighborhood.”

Two council members spoke against the development before it passed 5-3.

“I think it’s a poor location. I think it’s a poor development, and I will be voting against the conditional use permit.” Councilman Craig Hosmer said.

“I can’t tell that there’s any real interest in this particular type of business being there and saying that it is actually for the neighborhood.” Councilwoman Monica Horton said.

A statement from developer Royce Reding reads, “Under the leadership of Mayor McClure, City Council underscored tonight that Springfield is not closed to development. This project provides a better quality of place for our community along the Sunshine Corridor, and I thank the council for their support.

Anhalt says safety is her top concern in the future.

“I’m not going allow my kids to go to the church, and I’ll go play in the park. They are at the age now I can say, ‘okay, kids, go ahead, you go up there. Be back in a half an hour.’ Anhalt said. “Now, I’ll be worried to death that they’re going to get hit by a car because someone doesn’t see them or someone’s going to snatch them because there are too many places to hide.”