SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Tuesday night, at the SPS (Springfield Public Schools) board meeting officials took time to honor five long-time staff members who served the students and school district. Honoring teachers that made a difference in the Springfield Public School District.

One of these honorees is Gwendolyn Marshall, who has worked for SPS for 35 years.

Marshall started her work as a lunch aid back in 1988 and is now the equity and diversity specialist.

“It’s been a journey, but I’ve loved every minute of it.” Said Marshall “I’m just humbled to be here at this point, and I give our glory and honor to God.”

For some students, a teacher can change their lives. Like teacher Jesse Mook, who has only been teaching for 3 years, but was recognized for helping change the life of his student, Nino, at Jarrett Middle School.

“When I become a teacher, I hope that all 125, sixth, seventh or eighth graders that come to my room understand that Mr. Monk really cares about them and that we can do weird things like try to 3D print something that can make our day better.” Said Mook.

Many came out in support of those being honored tonight and thanked them for their services to the district.

Springfield Public Schools hold their school board meetings twice a month and are live-streamed for those who cannot make it out.