SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Springfield Police Department posted in its weekly crime update that the department saw an increase in assault reports between June 20 and July 4, 2021.

SPD also shared this increase has been particularly evident in the northeast part of town. In about half of the assault reports, the victim knew their assailant.

This image shows assault reports on Springfield’s Community Crime Map for the time period between 6/20/2022 and 7/4/2022

The post offered some ways to keep a situation calm if things begin to get tense. These include taking a pause before responding emotionally, taking a break creating distance and considering a way to solve things other than physical violence.

An assault can be a verbal threat, contact the victim did not consent to or an act of violence.

Anyone who is a victim of an assault or witnesses one should call 911 immediately.

The post also said thefts from vehicles are a concern and that it’s important to take valuable items like purses, wallets, and electronics inside wherever you are going instead of leaving them in the car.