SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- The holiday cheer was in the air in downtown Springfield as the annual Christmas parade kicked off.

It was a dreary day, but that didn’t stop people from showing up.

An annual Springfield holiday tradition that brings the community together. This year’s Christmas parade theme was “Hope for the Holidays.”

“It’s really cool that something that’s going to bring the people together is happening in a very public place in the square here,” said parade attendee Rick Briggenhorst.

Over 80 floats started at south and elm street…made their way through the square, and ended at the Springfield Expo Center.

“They like the ones that are kind of wacky. I didn’t expect, you know, some Halloween themes involved with the Christmas thing.” said Briggenhorst, “There are people in all areas of Springfield that get to highlight or, you know, come explore and enjoy the same area in the heart of Springfield.”

People not just from Springfield but from all over the Ozarks came together to celebrate the Christmas season with one another.

“Just seeing everybody come out and all the kids having such a fun time…it’s really nice to see everybody in Springfield come together.” said parade attendee Meredith James

The Springfield Christmas Parade has been spreading the Christmas spirit in Springfield for more than seven decades.