SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- If you are searching for your perfect Christmas tree, you may not want to wait any longer.  

Many local live tree sellers are saying they cut back on trees this year now they are struggling to meet the high demand for the season.  

Due to a nationwide shortage, many local live tree sellers are running out of trees faster this year.  

“It does hurt with this shortage because we don’t have as many to sell. So, we can’t, you know, accommodate as many people as we would like to at the tree,” said Shelley Girth, manager at Family Flower Greenhouse.  

Many retailers said that they had fewer shipped to them ahead of this season.  

“We got in 630 for Thanksgiving, and we’re down to seven,” said Galen Scharenberg with Nixa Seed and Hardware.  

If you do manage to find one, you’ll probably end up paying more as prices rise. 

Most wholesale growers say they must charge up to 15 percent more this year. 

“The shipping and the price of the trees has both gone up. “We’re going to be out probably sooner than usual,” said Girth.