SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Monday, July 11, Springfield City Council members will hold the city’s regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Historic City Hall.

One of the busiest intersections in Springfield will be the site of some major changes soon. Likely up for a vote Monday is improvements to Campbell Avenue and Republic Road. The $5.3 million project will upgrade traffic signals, add turn lanes, and improve sidewalks.

More development on Lone Pine Avenue in the Galloway area of Springfield is on Monday’s agenda. Members are expected to discuss, but not expected to vote on, rezoning nearly eight acres at Lone Pine Avenue and East Allen Place. That’s behind Township 28 apartments and The Rock restaurant. The request is to zone the area as a multi-family residential district to build apartments.

Another rezoning issue would make way for a drive-thru coffee shop at Sunshine Street and Roanoke Avenue. Changing the zoning of the area to a limited business district would allow the business to open. The applicant promised to plant trees to serve as a buffer between the shop and the homes nearby.

City Council members will discuss the recommendations of Springfield’s American Rescue Plan Review Committee on how to spend millions in federal COVID-19 aid. We’ve posted a story about the projects that could receive funding. Council members could vote on applying for other federal grants that would specifically help homeless people in the city.

Budget issues on Monday’s agenda include a $3.6 million bid to improve the city’s wastewater treatment facilities and $3.3 million in COVID-19 response funding.

The full City Council agenda is on the city’s website.