SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Keeping the November 8th election “clean” is proving to be a challenge in Springfield’s Galloway Neighborhood, where these political signs were vandalized last week.

The signs were up for less than a day when vandals took spray paint to posters placed all over town, marking out yes and painting the word no.

As the spray paint suggests, whether to rezone four acres across from Sequiota Park, is a hot topic both sides are passionate about.

Right now, the property is owned by Mitch Jenkins and his wife at Elevate Development Company. They are urging voters to choose “yes” on question one to help with the progression of the area.

“If the city should rezone our property. If people vote yes, then we will be able to develop a mixed-use walkable community across from a secure park.” Said Jenkins.

Ron Boles with the Galloway Village Association has signs around town too, urging the opposite a “no” vote.

“The main thing of it is this is, this is our home. We live here, we raise our children here. We don’t need to look like that across the street from our favorite park.” Said Boles.

Regardless, Boles says the association condemns this type of behavior, and even went to fix the signs himself.

Now, with the election less than a month away, they’re both relieved the disagreement will soon be laid to rest by Springfield voters.