SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Halloween activities are underway across the Ozarks.

Springfield officials said big crowds of trick-or-treaters are expected as the weather is nice outside. 

Many parents said they have been celebrating with their kids all weekend and into Monday. 

“We love Halloween,” said Springfield mom Brittany Cooper. “I think we’re doing more now after COVID because we missed it so much before.”

The Springfield Police Department released these tips for a safe and fun Halloween:

-A responsible adult should accompany children when trick or treating. 

-Children should wear reflective clothing and carry a light or glow stick. 

-Parents should teach children to never enter another home without their permission and only approach well-lit homes. 

-Children should bring treats home before eating them and only eat factory-wrapped treats. 

-Remind children to stay in well-lit areas and never go into isolated areas. 

-Never trick or treat alone and always stay in a group.

“It’s just important for the drivers to also just be aware of, you know, children that may not necessarily see the cars or be as observant as the adults would,” said SPD Lt. Steve Schwind. 

For mom Teresa Simpson, she said safety on Halloween is a big priority for her family. 

“We have a little wagon that we take around,” said Simpson. “So, my littles come with me. We decorate it with lots of glow sticks and have a light. We have good neighbors.”