SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – People in Springfield were asked questions Thursday on how public transportation service could be improved in the city. 

City Utilities hosted an open house as a planning project is underway to try to better connect the community.

Frequent bus riders were asked about what potential improvements to the city bus system they would like to see. 

Organizers said whether or not people currently use the bus, any input is needed to determine the project’s goals and objectives.

For many, those upgrades could include broader coverage.

City utilities hired Olsson, a consulting firm, to conduct the study. 

“We hear a lot about wanting routes to run more often,” said Shawn Strate, with Olsson. 

The goal is also centered around getting more people to consider riding the bus.

“People that own cars could actually save a lot of money by being able to ride transit instead,” said Strate.

Springfield city leaders said there’s a sizable population that already relies on the bus.

“If you can’t get from where you live to where you work, or where you want to work, that’s a problem for the individual and that’s a problem for our community and our city’s economy,” said Councilman Matthew Simpson.

Simpson said he also knows cost can be a barrier to getting on the bus.

“We’ve looked at things like the fare-free model that Kansas City nearby adopted, and others have adopted,” said Simpson.

The ConnectSGF process began in September 2022 and will be complete by the end of 2023.  To fill out an online survey, click here