SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – With Amendment 3 going into effect Thursday, recreational marijuana is now legal for Missouri adults. 

Adults can possess up to three ounces of marijuana, but you can’t walk into a dispensary and buy it recreationally just yet.

However, local dispensaries are now working to convert to a comprehensive license to also sell recreationally.

“There’s a form on the Department of Health website, and we fill out that form and submit it to the state for review, and they have 60 days to review that,” said Cody Shackelton with The Farmer’s Wife dispensary. “We’re hopeful that we can, you know, start selling to adult use sometime in February 2023.”

Shackelton said those dates are important to keep in mind as multiple people have questions.

“It just takes time to develop this new adult-use program,” said Shackelton. 

He said preparations are ongoing at The Farmer’s Wife to be able to meet the anticipated demand.

“We’re planning on expanding all of our locations,” said Shackelton. “We’re also beefing up our technology. So, our point-of-sale systems, we’re investing into that so that we’re able to handle the huge influx that we’re going to see.”

The dispensary said especially for their business, the growth is welcomed.

“Being a small, locally owned cannabis business, it’s huge for us because there is so much competition in this industry when it comes to just huge corporations with a national presence,” said Shackelton.

Anyone with questions about recreational marijuana is urged to give The Farmer’s Wife a call.