SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Comedian John Crist posted a video on his Facebook page challenging his viewers to guess whether the Springfield name of a building is a church or a weed shop.

Crist is currently touring around the nation and stopped by Springfield’s Blue Room this past weekend.

He opens the video, sitting in his car, stating, “I’m in Springfield, Missouri, where people love Jesus and also weed is legal.” Crist then tells the viewers to guess, “Is this a church or a weed shop?”

Crist called out Revival 98, Discovery Garden and The Well as possible church and weed shop names.

In the comment section of his post, one person said, “You could play this game for weeks in Springfield.”

Another person said, “You missed High Street (Baptist Church).”

According to his website, Crist has over five million fans on social media and has sold-out shows from coast to coast making Pollstar’s Top 100 Global Tours list in 2019 with over 197,000 tickets sold. He is widely known for viral videos like “Honest Football Coach,” “Every Parent at Disney,” and “Brands that need to be CANCELLED.”

In 2022, John released his second special named, “What are We Doing” on YouTube and is set to release his first book in the fall. John also has a weekly podcast called “Net Positive”.