SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield City Council is scheduled to vote on plans for a 7 Brew coffee shop at East Sunshine Street and Jefferson Avenue on Monday evening.

At its previous meeting, council discussed two bills regarding the plans. The discussion took over an hour as community members expressed their concerns and those in favor of the rezoning promised benefits.

7 Brew is a drive-through coffee shop that already has three locations in Springfield. If green-lit, the rezoned section would extend the Sunshine Street commercial area further west. Currently, there are no commercial buildings between the proposed section until National Avenue.

Residents who live near where the proposed 7 Brew coffee shop would be built are concerned about traffic and noise. However, a speaker from Springfield Public Works said at Monday night’s meeting that according to traffic models his department created, the increase in traffic in the area due to the coffee shop would be negligible.

Community members who spoke at the city council meeting on July 11 voiced concerns about several issues, including Jefferson Avenue being backed up with traffic, letting the commercial area to the west continue to take up more of Sunshine Street, and pedestrian safety, especially of children walking to the school across Sunshine Street.

After being denied by the Springfield Planning and Zoning Commission, the party pushing for the coffee shop compromised by promising to plant 14 trees to act as a buffer between the business and the homes nearby.

One of the two bills was about zoning the area where the coffee shop would be built, which is currently an empty grass lot on the western half, and residential properties that would be razed in the eastern half. The proposed zone change would affect 404, 420, and 424 East Sunshine Street. This section stretches from Jefferson to Roanoke Avenue.

If built, the coffee shop would be across the street from Sunshine Elementary School to the north and Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church to the west. On the southern border of the zone are single-family homes.

Eventually, the eastern half of the section would be razed and prepared for an unknown future commercial use.

The other bill was about granting the coffee shop a business permit.

No decision has been made yet. The city council plans to vote on the bills at the next meeting on July 25.