SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – College students are starting to roll in for the school year.

Missouri State University wants to make sure students are successful this school year. Inflation counties to climb, and for some college students, the cost of food and living is just too high. Last year you could get a gallon of milk for $3.77. Today milk is around $4.40.

The Bear Pantry on the Missouri State Campus wants students, staff, and faculty to know that this resource is available for them.

“Our goal is to address food insecurity among our MSU community and so make sure that people have access, consistent access to healthy foods to live a fruitful life,” said Alex Johnson, director of community-engaged learning.

Its goal is to help students be successful and not have to wonder where their next meal will come from.

“Our data suggest that about 45% of students suffer from food insecurity, and we found that 43% of students that are food insecure don’t graduate,” said Resse Lawler, a volunteer.

The Bear Pantry, which was previously in the Plaster Student Union, is now located in the basement of University Hall. Bigger space and more room to store all the non-perishable foods, milk, fresh produce, and hygiene products. Free for the MSU community to use.