SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- As many games are going down on the hardwood this week, things are going off in local kitchens. 

With many high schools in Springfield for the Blue & Gold and the Pink & White tournaments, local restaurants are seeing more customers. 

“It’s been three times as busy as normal like we’ve done $5,000 in sales; usually, its $1,400. Totally crazy.” Wendy Peck with Mexican Villa said. 

“The thing is, downtown, there are always events going on, and one [being the] Blue and God, it always brings a little bit more business,” said John Tsahiridis, owner of Greek Belly. 

Restaurants like Greek Belly and Mexican Villa say their local flavors attract people who usually don’t eat in Springfield. 

“We have a lot of Greek ingredients and try to make things as, you know, as if we were in Greece,” Tsahiridis said. “I’ve been doing that for the last four and half years.” 

“[Mexican Villa] is an icon. Everybody comes through here eventually.” Peck said. 

That includes out-of-towners like John Carr, who is in Springfield to support his son playing on the Lebanon basketball team. 

“We love the food. We love the atmosphere. It’s a good, good, good place.” Carr said. “It’s one of those places I went to in college and still come back today.” 

Peck and Carr say putting money into the local economy is an excellent move during these holiday tournaments. 

“It’s very important to put it into the home businesses,” Peck said. [Mexican Villa] has been around since 1951 and three generations of family.” 

“I think it’s great. This is a great event, you know, for the local area.” Carr said. You know, just being a person from the area. I came up here many times without having a kid in the program and then come and watch basketball and eat, eat somewhere local and usually do some shopping, that kind of stuff.”