SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- The Greene County Sheriff’s Office needs your help looking for a stolen tow truck last seen in Springfield.

This tow truck was last seen on December 5th at 300 W. Scott Street.

The vehicle, a black 2017 Ford F650 Super Crew “Tow Truck,” has “Affordable Towing” on both doors with a few of the letters fading off and is truck #91.

The truck should be bearing Missouri License 52H4YM.

“Why would you take such a big thing that says Affordable Towing on the side of it like that’s going to be noticed when it is found,” said Sarah Engle from Affordable Towing 

The company is trying to work around a busy season without one of its trucks. 

“That truck can do probably about 10, 20 calls a day, maybe more. And right now we are in the middle of a snowstorm, and we’re three days after Christmas. And we don’t have that truck. And that truck could be making money right now. And we don’t even know where that truck is. That truck could be killing those 15, 16 calls we have holding on our board right now.” said Engle. 

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office says the truck was stolen on December 5th while the driver was inside the Greene County courthouse. 

“When he came back out, the truck’s gone,” said Paige Rippee from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. 

Rippee says a stolen tow truck could become part of more crimes down the road. 

“If somebody actually knows how to operate a tow truck correctly, they could easily hook on to other vehicles and use it as an accessory to steal other vehicles,” said Rippee. 

Workers with affordable towing say what they know has left them with more questions than answers. 

“Whenever we found out that the tow truck was gone, we had an investigator, a Greene County deputy, call at the police station and say, ‘Hey, where’s the tow truck at?'” Engle said.

“And he said, my mom picked it up. My mom was supposed to be bringing it to Dennis, which we have…

“The driver’s mom came down here and asked for his check. And we were like, ‘Where’s our tow truck?’ And she said I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t have your tow truck,” said Engle. 

Rippee says the vehicle could be in counties outside of Greene. 

If you have any information on this vehicle or have seen it, call the Springfield Police Department or the Greene County Crime Tip Hotline at (417) 829-6230.