SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Air conditioner units continue to give out in the extreme heat conditions. Heating and cooling companies across the Ozarks are working to keep up.

Brett Callahan with Callahan Heating and Cooling said his phone is constantly ringing.

“In this extreme heat a lot of the units in the area are not going to keep up, even if they are working correctly, due to the insulation values,” said Callahan. “Most everything in Missouri is designed for up to 100 degrees.”

Austin Kendrick and his family recently went on a vacation for 10 days.

While he was gone, he said, they turned the thermostat up.

When they got back, they realized there was an odd smell. The air also wasn’t working so great.

“He said there was a little bit of mold build-up,” said Kendrick. “He said with the hot air and the dark, damp conditions that are down there in our basement, said that it just kind of built up and got into the ductwork a little bit. I guess from us trying to save a little bit of money, it ended up probably costing us a little bit of money.”

He made a quick call to get it figured out.

Callahan said with the heat wave here to stay, he should remain busy. 

“I have a feeling it’s going to cause a lot more failures in air conditioning units,” said Callahan. “The longer these things run, and the more they’re kicking on and off, the higher your chance for failure.” 

He’s glad to be able to bring much-needed relief to people. 

“There’s desperation in their voice because some of those houses are getting up there close to 100 degrees if it’s been out an extended period of time,” said Callahan.