SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – “Sharing Stories of the Crossroads” is a history radio program created by The History Museum on the Square on 92.3 FM.

This week, host John Sellars spoke with David Harrison, the author of several poems and several books ranging from children’s stories, professional works for teachers, and street directories.

Sellars said Harrison despite having a career in the pharmaceutical world and concrete, his real passion was writing.

“He was in research chemistry working for a big drug company. And it was experimentation: trying to find new drugs and things… and he was troubled that it was affecting his writing,” said Sellars. Harrison changed career paths and became an editor for Hallmark Card.

He moved to Springfield to take over for his father’s concrete business, Glenstone Block Company, until it was sold in 2008.

He became a full-time writer from then on.

Some of Harrison’s achievements include becoming poet laureate for Drury University, writing over 185 books that have been translated into twelve different languages, won of several awards and David Harrison Elementary School was named after him.

Check out the video above for more about Sellars’ interview.