SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man from Springfield was arrested after allegedly hiding in the victim’s home, spraying their face with pepper spray and taking the victim’s car.

Thomas Andrew Star Kazimir, 28, is being held at the Greene County Jail facing first-degree burglary, attempted robbery, armed criminal action and stealing.

According to a probable cause statement, the victim said Kazimir entered the home and hid behind the refrigerator. Kazimir took a kneeling position and pointed a silver pistol and pepper spray at the victim.

The victim says Kazimir sprayed their face and demanded money before grabbing the victim’s cell phone and car keys and leaving out the front door, according to the probable cause statement.

Kazimir was later located and pulled over by police. The victim was able to pick Kazimir out of a photo lineup, identifying him at the house.

Kazimir plead not guilty and will next be in court on September 15.