SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man was arrested in connection to the assault of two people on April 15.

Eric Taylor Browning, 30, of Springfield, is charged with three felonies: first-degree assault, armed criminal action and third-degree assault.

Eric Browning mugshot
Eric Browning mugshot

According to documents, Springfield Police Department officers were called out to a residence at 12:27 a.m. on April 15 to respond to a call about a domestic assault incident in which someone was shot.

When officers arrived, they found a victim on the ground with Browning moving into a standing position above him. Browning was arrested and a single 9mm round was found in his pocket.

Officers began interviewing witnesses. One person said he heard seven shots and then saw Browning standing over a shot man, proclaiming, “I’m a [expletive] gangsta, [expletive]!” The witness said he tried to talk to Browning, who rushed at him before returning to punch the prone victim in the face around 10 times.

A second witness said she heard four to six gunshots and then saw Browning hitting the victim and then chasing the victim’s girlfriend.

The victim’s girlfriend was also interviewed. She said the two men got into a fight that turned physical. Eventually, Browning pulled a gun out of his pants and shot around six times until it was empty. She got out of a vehicle to help, but Browning hit her in the head a couple of times with a beer bottle, breaking her finger as she raised her hands to defend herself. She said she saw him run to the front of the house, throw the gun at the house, and then return to punch her a couple more times in the head.

A fourth witness said they saw Browning hit the woman.

An officer found the gun. At a local hospital, another officer saw that the male victim had been shot three times.

While being transported, Browning resisted arrest, asking officers to use Tasers on him, shoot him and beat him up.

Browning has not yet been scheduled for a court appearance. OzarksFirst will update this article as his case progresses.