Springfield Hosts First Ever Reptile Days

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The first ever 'Reptile Days' in Springfield was held at the Fairbanks on Saturday.

This free event was meant to be an educational affair. The event focused on teaching curious kiddos of all ages what it's really like to own a slithering snake or lazy lizard by getting up-close and personal.

Questions were answered, pictures were taken, and guests were treated to appearances from the Ozarks Herp Club and the Southwest Missouri Herpetological Society.

Amy Hankins, who owns 52 snakes of her own, helped host the event and shared how most creepy crawlers are generally low maintenance.

Hankins, MSU Librarian says, "They're really a low maintenance pet. If you get a corn snake or a ball python, those are two of the biggest, most popular are the pet snakes. Fairly inexepensive. Easy to take care of."

Hankins adds that 88-percent of the snakes in Missouri are harmless and not venemous.

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