SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield Central High School Senior Jonah Swann has broken the Guinness World Record for solving Rubik’s cubes while riding a unicycle all for Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks (BCFO).

On August 19, Swann aimed to beat the world record of 300 cubes solved while on the unicycle which was set in 2021. He managed to break the record with 302 cubes solved.

“I wasn’t sure until the last five or so, but it’s been it was a struggle from the very, very beginning,” Swann said. “Honestly, I think the most I had done before this was about 30 cubes. So we definitely weren’t sure if it was going to happen.”

Swann began at 7:30 a.m. and finished 5 hours later. The event was held at BigShots Golf’s driving range with several of Swann’s family, friends, and classmates cheering him on.

“It feels so good. I’m just so proud of him. I would be proud of him regardless of what he did today. But he’s he’s an amazing kid. He’s a huge blessing.” said Jonah’s mother, Molly.

Swann’s grandmother died from breast cancer when his mother was his age. He said, “It’s meaningful to have the opportunity to contribute so the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks can financially support other families affected by breast cancer.”

BCFO told ozarksfirst.com that the event raised over $25,000 which is the most successful fundraiser for a first-year, first-time event for the organization.

“The unicycle and Rubik’s Cube are two great tools that have helped me, you know, obviously break a world record. But at the end of the day, this… isn’t what defines me. What defines me is my relationship with the Lord. And so to have set this record with so many people here today is really meaningful.” said Swann.