GREENE COUNTY, Mo. — Below, you’ll find today’s pollen counts, updated each morning Monday-Friday. Note that these measurements represent the previous 24 hours.

Pollen Count — March 9, 2023

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Allergen NAB Scale Total Count /m³ Highest % of Total Count
 Mold Low 3,647  Ascospore 
 Grass Absent  N/A  N/A
 Trees High 92  Juniper 
 Weeds Absent  N/A N/A 

In-Depth Details

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Type Allergen Particles /m³ NAB Scale
 Grass N/A 0 Absent
 Tree Elm 11 Low
  Juniper 68 Moderate
  Maple 2 Low
  Oak 11 Low
 Weed N/A 0 Absent