SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Honoring the lives of lost loved ones through traditions and celebrations, November 1st and 2nd are known as the Day of the Dead or “El Dia de los Muertos.”

The holiday is observed throughout Mexico and Latin countries and today you have the chance to take part in the celebrations.

Cristhian and Shanie Valdez are the owners of El Cafecito Coffee Shop and for the family, today isn’t just a normal day, it’s a chance to reconnect with loved ones who have passed away.

“Well, more than anything, to share because our culture says the dead comes back on November 2nd to visit their families, which is why we make an altar in which you’ll put items that the person who had died loved,” said Valdez. 

From 6 to 8 p.m. tonight, several different organizations and people came together to put on the Day of the Dead festival.

You’ll have the opportunity to write letters to your ancestors or bring photos that would like to add to the Ofredna which is a community altar.

There will be plenty of candy given away for free, traditional Mexican hot drinks are served such as Champurrado and Atole, and a chance for you to make papel picado, which are decorations made out of paper.

Cristhian hopes this inspires more people to take part in the holiday.

“So we’ve seen that and tried to bring that culture here so people can revive their traditions like they do in Mexico. A lot of people do not do it anymore, but this is something good that people will see. Maybe not on November 2nd but hopefully moving forward you’ll see more altars around the area,” said Valdez.