SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — At Monday night’s meeting, the Springfield City Council voted on a $15.5 million bond.

The vote went fairly quickly and the council members present all voted yes to the bond. Now the city will be moving forward with projects.

“This bond issue is going to take care of the construction, the design, and construction of various projects, such as the renovation of City Hall, which is a super neat project, a really important project to the city of Springfield,” said Jennifer Swan, the city architect. “All of these projects are so critically important to this community.”

The plans include restoring the historic City Hall building and making accessibility renovations to the facilities.

“It’ll provide office space for various departments. The vertical circulation will be a new brand new elevator that will be big enough to have an emergency, like a medical emergency,” Swan said.

In addition to this renovation, the city also plans to build a brand new animal shelter due to the conditions of the current one.

“The facility has way outlived its life that it should. So we’re going to build a brand new building in a different location,” Swan said.

The money would also help upgrade a few of the city’s fire stations. That would include improved fitness centers and private bunk rooms for the firefighters.

These projects will take a few years to complete, but officials with the city of Springfield say they plan to educate people on the improvements they are making.