Shocking Ads Show the Lengths Some Go To For Opioids

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Hard to watch stories about the lengths people go to for a pain pill refill, Surgeon General Jerome Adams told KOLR10 Friday it's the White House's way of deterring people from opioid use. 

"There's a person dying of an opioid overdose every 12 minutes in our country,” the Surgeon General says. "We know it'll take a comprehensive response to dig ourselves out of the unfortunate hole we're in. And the president has said from the very beginning that prevention must be part of that response."

Each of the four new ads tells the story of a young person caught in the cycle of addiction-- each taking matters into their own hands to get what they want. 

"At its heart, what we're trying to do is educate people. Educate youth and young adults on the addictive nature of opioids," says Eric Ashe, CEO of the Truth Initiative. 

Truth, an organization known for its anti-smoking campaigns, partnered with the White House and the Ad Council to create these ads. 

Ashe and the Surgeon General say the ads will run nationwide but they're hoping the strongest impacts will be made in regions where death tolls are rising. 

"Right here, in Missouri, we know that your overdose rates are higher than the national average," says Adams. 

They’re hoping enough shock will encourage a share.

"[Young people’s] eyes open up wide. They see the world differently and the very first thing they want to do is share this information with their friends and loved ones," says Ashe.

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