HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) – Guests at a seaside restaurant in South Carolina had quite the sight on Sunday as several sharks swam around the dock at Hudson’s Seafood on Hilton Head Island.

A video shows at least five sharks circling in the shallow waters of Skull Creek.

The video was taken after a fishing charter returned to the dock and threw out scraps into the water, according to Nexstar’s WSAV.

Only days before, the Town of Hilton Head also reported a possible shark bite about 10 miles down the shore. A man said he was bitten on the foot by a shark while swimming in waist-deep water.

A portion of the beach was closed after the bite.

Shark attacks actually hit a 10-year-low in 2022, with some spikes in regional hot spots, according to the International Shark Attack File, which maintains a database of shark attacks.

They recommend swimmers swim with a buddy, stay close to shore, not swim at dawn or dusk and not swim around schools of fish or where people are fishing, among other tips.

Should a shark bite you, the Shark Attack File says to hit the shark in the eyes, gills or on the snout — sensitive areas on the shark — and push away. Remember that the water resistance will slow down your punches.