SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield Fire Chief David Hall laid out several ways to get more resources into a high demand area Tuesday, when he met with the Springfield City Council.

Hall spoke to the council after making a recommendation in December to close two stations and shift staff into what he calls the “red zone,” a diagonal-looking strip through west central and north central Springfield.

At that time, council members were not too keen then on the idea of closing stations, so Hall came back with ten different recommendations.  Each option varies on what it will cost, if any stations are closed and the length of time to implement.

Ideally, he would like to put two additional stations in the “red zone” without closing any others.

“I’m given a budget and i know what funds are available and I want to use my resources the best i can, and if that means shifting those around, I’m comfortable in doing that,” Hall said. “Now if council feels they can find additional funding to hire [new personnel] instead of doing that, then I certainly feel that is all the better.”

It will now be up the council to decide how much the city can afford to spend.